Al Jazeera’s English service has updated its app download links to reflect that the new Netflix app will only work for iPhones and iPads.

In a statement to Al Jazeera, Netflix said: “We’re excited to welcome Apple TV and Google Chromecast owners to our exclusive Netflix service.

We hope this means that your new Apple TV will become even more of a delight as you watch, download and enjoy our films and TV shows.”

Apple TV is the new AppleTV that can play movies and TV programmes downloaded from the Netflix website and on-demand.

Google Chromecasts can play Netflix content from the internet to any device running Apple TV.

Al Jazeera’s Jonathan Head said: Netflix will not be able to use your iTunes library.

It will only be able play Netflix movies and television shows downloaded from Netflix. 

Google and Apple are trying to make it as easy as possible for people to watch Netflix from their mobile devices. 

It’s also a challenge for Netflix as the app doesn’t play movies from the movies themselves. 

“The only way you can use the Netflix app is if you have an Apple TV or an iPhone.

Netflix is just one of the apps that can only play movies that are streamed from Netflix,” he added.

Apple TV users will need to download the app and restart it from the home screen before using the app. 

However, if you’re using an AppleTV, you can start Netflix on a different screen than the iPhone or iPad.

“The Netflix app has been updated to work for both Apple TVs and iPhones.

You’ll need to open the Netflix apps on both devices and restart them from the Home screen to access the new app.

The app will be available for free download in the US from Apple’s iTunes store,” the statement said.

In the UK, Netflix will continue to be available on the Apple TV app, the same way it will be on Google Chromebox, while Google Chromes are not available in the UK.

“We will continue providing a free trial version of Netflix for the AppleTV,” the Netflix spokesperson told Al Jazeera. 

Netflix will also continue to offer a free Netflix service in the EU for Android phones and tablets, as well as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some Asian countries.

Google is also offering a free subscription for Android devices in the European Union, although users can sign up for a $2 per month service and only pay for content they actually want to watch.

Google has also launched a free-to-play streaming service called Stream TV that will also be available to Android users in the coming months. 

The Netflix spokesman said it is the “app of choice” for most users and that users have the choice of whether they want to pay or use a subscription to watch their favourite movies and shows on the platform. 

Al Jazeera will update this story if the app can be downloaded for Apple TV users in time.