Downloaded this week: 10 apps, 10 websites, 10.7GB of data, 1.2TB of storage.

The latest Windows 10 OS update, “16299,” which is available to download through the Windows Update Store, adds new medical apps, including the popular Holographic Imaging App and the new Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner app.

This update is free and does not require a subscription.

The medical app is one of the first to get the update.

It is a free download, which means you can start using it immediately, according to Microsoft.

However, the app has some limitations, such as the ability to run on the Lumia 920, 950 and 950 XL.

The MRI scanner app also gets the update, but it is only available for Windows 8.1 devices and it does not include any additional features.

Microsoft is offering a free version of the app that is also compatible with Windows 10.

This is a good news for those who do not want to pay for additional apps, which are typically sold as premium subscriptions.

It means they can still use the apps without paying.

This will also help those who have used the apps before to get used to the new features.

Another popular app for the new OS update is the new HoloLens app.

The app is available for download through Windows Store.

It lets you scan objects and take pictures, and it allows you to view holographic images of medical images on the holographic image viewer in HoloLens.

The app also adds a new app to Windows 10 called Positrons Emission tomography (PEST).

It is an app that lets you view images of blood and tissue samples, which can then be analyzed with the PEST app.

It also shows you a list of all the objects that you have analyzed.

The PEST scan tool is a tool that lets users create their own scans, which you can then download and use.

Microsoft is also introducing a new “Hive,” which will allow you to search the Windows Store for apps.

This feature allows you browse and install apps that you already have installed.

The Hive also allows you get information about the apps that are currently installed on your PC, such like the number of downloads, installed apps, and other information.

The updated app stores will also be updated with new medical app and website information.

These new features will help you discover new and interesting apps that may be more useful for you.

You will also see a list on the HoloLens and the app home screen of apps that will help guide you to the right apps to get started.