Google has released a new app for teachers, Chrome’s teachers app.

The Chrome app is a tool to help you get your students’ attention.

When you use the Chrome app, you can create groups of students in your school or work.

You can assign teachers to work with you and set the number of teachers for each group.

Teachers can use this tool to work together to improve their learning environment.

As with Google Assistant, teachers can create a group of students for each student to work on projects together.

For students to start working together, they’ll need to sign up for an account and choose a group.

If they don’t have a school account, they can create an account on the Chrome Web Store, which will also let them register for the Chrome App.

The Chrome App will then let teachers add students, assign them to projects, and start collaborating with each other.

Teachers can use the app to: Create and assign students to a group that has fewer than 50 students to help them study more efficiently;