By David Purdom and David Paul Morris – 2 hours ago Microsoft announced that it would no longer be supporting the Office 365 subscription service for all versions of Windows, and that it will be ending support for Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium for the entire range of Windows versions.

The news was posted by Microsoft’s Vice President of Corporate Communications, Matt Anderson, on Twitter.

Microsoft has been one of the largest beneficiaries of Office 365, which has been credited with making it easier for organizations to manage their data and improve their productivity.

The company has said it plans to support Office 365 for business for a number of years, and it also has plans to provide a Windows-only subscription service.

However, Microsoft will not be offering Office 365 Home Premium, which is what is currently the only version of the Office suite that is supported by the subscription service on Windows 10.

Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for Office 365 subscriptions is a significant one, given that the company currently sells over 5.3 million licenses of Office for Windows 10, and over a million of those licenses are still running in the Microsoft Store.

However the Office business remains a key part of Microsoft’s revenue, and the company expects that its subscription business to continue to grow.

Microsoft plans to continue selling Office 365 as long as it is supported.

If you are a Microsoft Office Premium customer and you need to upgrade, there are options for you to do so.

You can upgrade from a previous version of Office, or purchase a license from the Microsoft Marketplace for $49.99.

If, however, you do not plan on using Office 365 at all, Microsoft also offers a Windows 10 upgrade for $39.99 that will allow you to continue using Office for free.

The end of Office365 support for Windows is not surprising given that Microsoft is now selling Office in the Windows Store, and its Office apps are being updated and enhanced in Windows 10 as well.

However it is disappointing that Microsoft will no longer support Office on the Windows 10 Store, which will require customers to purchase a subscription to continue their use of the software.

The Office subscription service was launched in September of 2015, and Microsoft said that it was “not in the business of offering paid subscriptions for any reason.”

Microsoft announced its plan to end support for the Office subscription business in March, but it is unclear when this decision will be finalized.

This news is not a surprise, given the company’s long-term strategy for the business.

Microsoft previously said that the Office and Office productivity suite would remain free for everyone in the future.

Microsoft is also planning to continue supporting Office 365 in a future release of Windows 10 that is expected to be released later this year.

Microsoft said at the time that it intends to release Windows 10 “as soon as possible.”

This is the second major Microsoft discontinuation in just over a year, and there has been a lot of concern that Microsoft might follow suit.

Microsoft released its last major release, Windows 10 Pro, back in February, and many analysts are calling for Microsoft to bring back the Office experience for free or at a reduced price.

In March, the company also announced plans to release Office 2019, which it said was “a new version of Microsoft Office that brings Office 2016 to the cloud and brings some new features.”