With the advent of online jewelry stores and e-commerce, it’s no surprise that many millennials are opting for jewelry with simple, yet unique designs.

But what about those with more intricate designs?

Here are a few of the best designs for your ring and bracelet that you may not have considered.1.

The Starburst Ring 2.

The Ring of Destiny3.

The Rose Diamond4.

The Rainbow Ring5.

The Gold Diamond6.

The Diamond Ring7.

The Ruby Ring8.

The Sapphire Ring9.

The Emerald Ring10.

The Jade Ring11.

The Topaz Ring12.

The Amethyst Ring13.

The Cobalt Ring14.

The Aquamarine Ring15.

The Quartz Ring16.

The Garnet Ring17.

The Platinum Ring18.

The Bronze Ring19.

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