By now, you’ve probably noticed that the company’s online apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android are locked out of many parts of the web.

They’re not even supported in some Chrome-like browsers, and even Google’s own Google Apps are restricted in some ways.

Now, it appears Microsoft is working on a fix.

Today, the company released a new update for its online team-sharing software, which will give teams access to some of their own tools and APIs, such as the company-wide chat platform Slack.

Microsoft has been working on its own cloud-based messaging solution, which could be a huge boon for Microsoft’s online teams.

It could also mean that it can get some of the tools it needs to build out its own team-building tools.

It’s not a perfect solution, however.

Microsoft’s team-based app still requires users to sign up for the companywide email account.

That’s a problem for teams that are looking for email access, or for those who need to use an external email account to manage their team’s communication.

It also requires a password, which can be a challenge for groups with more than one person, or who need a bit of security.

Microsoft has a workaround for this in the cloud, though.

If you’re using the Microsoft Teams app on a Mac or a Windows machine, the app will tell you if you have a Microsoft account, and allow you to sign in using your Microsoft account credentials.

That way, you don’t need to log in for every project, project manager, or other Microsoft account you sign in to.

The team-focused Slack is also missing from the new update, but you can still use it to communicate and work on teams, even if you don’st have access to the app.