Download the new iPhone and iPad apps to listen to music on the go.

But the apps are far from being the best way to get music on to your iPhone, as the company has recently been forced to admit. 

The company has been forced into a humiliating admission that it failed to install an Apple Music app on an iPhone 4S in December, and it was subsequently forced to apologise for this.

It also admitted that its app had not been updated since April, when it was supposed to.

Now the company is blaming this on the fact that it didn’t install a third-party music player, and instead relied on the iPhone 4s’s built-in microphone to send a request for music.

In a blog post, it said that it had also made a series of small changes to make the iPhone easier to use, and had also been working on a new app that would enable users to share songs on social media without having to pay.

“In this context, we’re sorry that our app has been failing for a while,” the post said.

“It’s not all that difficult to find a third party app, but we have to be extra careful with the way we do things.”

Apple’s new iOS 8 Music app has a new ‘music store’ section, but it lacks an official music player app and no way to share music with friends, friends-only or to download music from other platforms.

It’s been a tough week for Apple.

The company announced it would shut down its iTunes store after announcing a plan to sell iTunes music for $3.99 a month.

And the iPhone 8 and iPad Pro launched in November, but they didn’t have a dedicated Music app. 

Apple Music is a new service that Apple launched to make it easier to stream music from its own services and the music of third-parties.

Apple is paying a subscription fee to Apple Music to get its own music service, which will be free for existing customers who have a free iPhone or iPad.

But Apple Music has been a mixed bag.

Some users have been using it to listen only to their own music and to stream tracks to friends who are subscribed to Apple’s Apple Music service.

But many users have complained about the lack of a dedicated Apple Music player app, and some have said they had trouble finding tracks that they wanted to listen. 

As well as music, Apple has also made other changes to the way it manages music for its own apps, including adding an “album” section to the music app, making the music search functionality much simpler and changing how Apple determines whether songs are available in the iTunes Store or elsewhere.