Nintendo’s first-ever online multiplayer online battle network is finally ready to launch, thanks to the introduction of new features.

BattleNet, a new multiplayer network built for Nintendo Switch, is now live in the UK and the US.

This allows players to battle online without having to use BattleTag, the same feature found on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

The launch of BattleNet marks the first time a new Nintendo console has hosted multiplayer on a public network.

This marks a significant change for Nintendo, which previously had to rely on the Wii U’s “private” network, which was designed for only private matches.

The Switch’s BattleNet has a “public” network in place that will be accessible to anyone who wants to use it.

The Switch’s battle network will allow players to connect to BattleTag without the need for BattleTag’s BattleTag feature, meaning BattleNet can also be used by friends who have never used BattleTag before.

It also means BattleTag will not be needed for online multiplayer.

In the US, BattleNet will be available on the Nintendo Switch’s “Online Multiplayer Network”, which is currently being developed by Nintendo.

Nintendo’s own developers have been hard at work developing the network for the Switch, so it’s likely that the launch of the network will be a big news story in the coming weeks.