Posted June 01, 2018 08:14:10 Tiktok is the online app of the Turkish Ministry of Education.

It allows people to share videos and audio clips of lectures or videos with friends.

The app is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Store.

The latest version of the app is called Tiktobak.

The term tiktog is used in many Turkish contexts, including education.

Here is how it is used: Tiktuğlu A student in Istanbul, Anet Dızce, was among the hundreds who protested on Saturday against the new bill to amend the country’s education system.

She said the proposed legislation, which is scheduled to be debated on June 4, is discriminatory.

She was one of the many who protested at Taksim Square in Istanbul.

The Turkish Education Ministry says it has received nearly 4,000 complaints since it launched the app on July 2.

The government has defended the law, saying it will improve education standards.

Some of the more common objections to the legislation are that it is unfair and it violates freedom of expression.

Takir The term Takir is a Turkish word that literally means “truck” and refers to the truck used by soldiers during the Kurdish uprising in 1974.

Many people have criticized the government for the language change.

“Takirs” were often used as insults, including by the Turkish military.

In one case, a group of students at the university in Istanbul burned a truck used to transport Kurdish protesters in 1973.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said the new legislation is necessary to strengthen education and that the government does not want to offend Turkey’s Turkish population.