The U.N. General Assembly on Thursday passed a resolution calling for an end to the world’s migration crisis and the establishment of a safe zone in Syria, after years of fighting in Syria and Iraq.

The resolution calls for an immediate end to all acts of “refugee and displaced persons seeking to reach Europe, and for the establishment, control and enforcement of a global safe zone.”

In its resolution, the U,N.

calls for the “strongest possible support for the political process in Syria.”

The resolution also calls on the international community to immediately begin the process of implementing a political transition in Syria.

“The United States is committed to the political transition and will not be the world leader who will continue to support those who want to break Syria’s rule,” the resolution says.

“As President Trump said, the time is now.”

The resolution passed unanimously in the 193-member assembly.

The U-N.

Security Council, which passed a similar resolution last year, did not vote.

The U.K. and Australia both backed the resolution.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said it was important for the world to unite to end the refugee crisis and called on countries to “step up and do what is necessary.”

Australia’s foreign minister said it had been “very clear from the beginning that we would not be able to cope” with the humanitarian situation in Syria without a political solution.

The Syrian regime and Russia have denied any role in the refugee issue.

The Syrian government said it is “very grateful” to the U-S.

for its support.

Trump and other leaders in the United States and Europe have voiced support for a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Syria but have said that if Assad cannot be removed from power, a political process is needed.

The United States has supported the U.-N.

proposal to set up a safe-zone, with the U and Russia supporting the plan.