A sport is a physical activity or activity that involves people playing together, usually with other people.

It usually involves two or more people and usually involves physical contact.

The word sport was first used in reference to physical activity in the late 18th century.

Sport has often been used to refer to various types of physical activity.

A sport can include, but is not limited to, running, cycling, swimming, tennis, swimming at high speeds, wrestling, soccer, football, baseball, hockey, boxing, wrestling and ice hockey.

Sport also can include athletics, athletics-specific sport, soccer and other sport-specific activities.

For example, the word sport is often used to describe a particular sport such as a track or field team.

A person can be in a sport and not be in it.

Sport can also be a self-contained activity that can take place in private or private facilities.

Sport includes a range of sports that are performed at various levels of difficulty.

A sporting event may involve a lot of physical effort, including a lot more than one person is doing.

For instance, a track meets the requirements of a race, but the distance of the race is only one mile (or less).

In the case of a competition, each competitor must complete a certain number of laps.

The sport may also involve a long distance runner.

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