I love downloading music and videos from the Google Play Store, but it can be a bit slow.

That’s where this handy tool comes in handy.

If you want to download a song from the store but don’t want to wait to download it, this tool will help you download it in just a few taps.

This is great if you’re a music lover and don’t have a lot of time.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

For the iOS version, you need to log in to the Google account that you use to buy stuff on Google Play.

You can do that by visiting the Google Account page on the Play store, tapping the cog icon, and then selecting “Sign In.”

The app will then take you to the “Manage your Play Store purchases” page.

From there, you can add a new purchase and tap “Next.”

The purchase you made will appear in the top right corner.

The purchase details will show up here.

If your device has a microSD card, you will see a box with a big number next to the purchase number.

You will then be able to select the option to download the purchase.

The “Next” button will open the download option, which you can tap to begin downloading.

You may need to tap the “Next button twice” to be able open the file.

When you have downloaded the file, it will be sent to your phone.

You will be able go back to the previous page by clicking the little “x” next to “File Download.”

The next time you open the Play app, you should see the file download progress on your phone as well as the progress of your download.

You’ll also see the “Downloading” button that says “Ready to download?”

If you click it, the app will show you the file on your screen.

You can then go back and add or delete the purchase you just made by tapping the little X next to it.

If the purchase is yours, you’ll see the option in the upper right corner that says, “Done.”

After adding or deleting a purchase, the file will be downloaded and you’ll be able start watching it.