NHL players are going to have to shell out a significant amount of money on their new homes, and that’s only the beginning of the equation.

That’s because they’re going to be renting a lot of space.

The average cost of a home for a family of four is $1,827, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

That means if you’re a millennial and live in the Bay Area, you’re going be shelling out a fair bit more money than a millennial in other parts of the country.

And if you are in the Los Angeles area, you might have to spend a bit more to afford a home there.

And even if you live in New York City, the price of a single-family home in Manhattan is $2,094, according the RealtyTrac MLS Price Index.

That could mean a significant cost for the next generation of hockey fans.

The top five most expensive homes in the country The first thing you’ll notice about the most expensive home in the U to buy is that it’s a $1.9 million condo, according, the Realtor.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story.

There are also four other homes that are more expensive than the median home in a major metro area.

Here are the top five priciest homes for sale in the United States.


BOSTON, MA, USA The $3.9-million, two-bedroom condo, which is located in the Boston suburb of Brighton, is priced at $2.6 million and includes a private pool.

The house also has a five-car garage.


LOS ANGELES, CA, USA Two bedrooms for $2 million, 3.

NEW YORK, NY, USA This luxury condo is located at 528 S. Broadway, just a short walk from the Met Life Stadium, and has a spacious kitchen with a fireplace.


LONDON, ENGLAND Three bedrooms for around $3 million, 4.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA Three bedrooms, three baths, two bathrooms, a backyard pool and a fireplace in this one-bedroom apartment is on a street just off I-295 in Northwest Washington.


TORONTO, ON, CANADA A $3-million home in Toronto is listed for $3,919, according Airbnb, and the $2-million condo is for sale for $1 million.

The home also has access to a private, five-bedroom house on a beautiful street in the downtown core.

The three bedrooms and two bathrooms have a pool.


LITTLE ROCK, AR, USA Four bedrooms, two baths, a deck with a fire pit and a terrace for $4,096, according RentalEasy.

The four bedrooms and a two-bath home have an open kitchen, two bedrooms and an attached garage.


NEWARK, NJ, USA A $2-$2.9 Million home is listed in the historic historic, former city of Newark.

The 2,000-square-foot, two bedroom home is priced from $2 to $2 billion.


SALT LAKE CITY, UT, USA There are four bedrooms, one bath and a deck for around the same price as a 2,600-square foot home on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, according Condo.com.


NEWBURGH, NY One bedroom for $6,500, 2 bedroom for around half that amount, $8,900.


NEWPORT, RI, USA One bedroom, two bath and four-car garages for around a third of that price, according To The Top.


TORRINGTON, ONA Four bedrooms for about $7,200, a four-bedroom home for $8.5 million, a two bedroom for a little more than $4 million, and a three bedroom home for around two-thirds of that amount.


KANSAS CITY, MO, USA With a pool, terrace, fireplace and an indoor pool, this home in Kansas City is also one of the most desirable properties for the price, and it’s also located near the new Ford dealership.


COLUMBUS, OH, USA In Columbus, Ohio, this two-bed condo has an open front kitchen, a living room and two bedrooms, a one-bathroom garage and a full bathroom.


WEST LAFAYETTE, La., USA This three-bedroom residence, located in a historic, historic district, is a bargain at $3M.


LOUISIANA, MO This three bedroom condo has four bedrooms for more than three times that amount ($3.5M), and it also has two baths and an outdoor deck.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA This two- and three-bed home is located on the top floor of an old, renovated warehouse