The next big thing in photo editing is Google Photos. 

And now the same company is taking the first steps to put it in your hands. 

It’s called Ringtone Download and it lets you get the best of both worlds with a single click. 

Google will also give away a ringtone of your choice and a new ringtone wallpaper for free.

It sounds like a great deal but I’ve never really been a fan of paid services. 

I’m a big fan of my own ringtone, and I have a few more free ringtones I want to use. 

So Ringtone download makes it easy to get the ringtone you want. 

And Google Photos is a big reason why. 

If you’re looking to get a free ringtone or a wallpaper, you can use Google Photo to do it. 

Just enter your Google account and your phone number. 

Then select the app and click on “Ringtones.” 

Then you’ll get the list of available ringtones and wallpaper. 

That’s it.

The only step to make sure you get what you want is to follow the steps in the FAQ. 

But for me, it was easy to go from a free Google Photo ringtone to a free Ringtone Downloads ringtone. 

When it came to the ringtones, the most useful one was the one I found on my Nexus 4: The Lonely Mountain. 

The ringtone is a mellow melody that is accompanied by a mellowing guitar riff and a gentle piano. 

Here’s a sample of the ring. 

You can find the full song in the Google Play store. 

On top of the free ring and wallpaper, Google is giving away two ringtones. 

For those of you who want the full set, the first ringtone costs $29.99 and the second is $39.99. 

Both offer a different sound and different moods. 

This is where you need to click on the link on the product page, but don’t worry, the download link is in the bottom right corner. 

Instead of paying $29 for one ringtone and $39 for the other, the only way to get both is to add the price to your Google Pay plan. 

(You can also use Google Play Music or Google Play Movies to add this cost to your subscription. 

To add a Google Play Store credit to your plan, click the “add to cart” button and then click “Add to cart.”) 

You’re now ready to go. 

Once you’ve added the Google Pay subscription to your account, go to the “My Google” section of your Google Store and select “Add a Google Pay Purchase.” 

This will show up in the “Purchase” section. 

From there, click on “Add Google Pay” and enter the amount you want added to your payment. 

Pay the amount, click “Continue,” and you’re done. 

Now, you’re ready to add your ringtone! 

Here is the link to the RingtoneDownload app for the Nexus 4. 

At the bottom, click “More.” 

From here, you should see a “Google Photos ringtone” option. 

Click on it and you’ll see a ringtones tab. 

Choose your desired ringtone by going to “Ringtone” and choosing the desired ringtones in the list. 

Enter your Google Account name and phone number and click “Next.” 

Click “Next” again and the new Google Photos ringtones should be added. 

After you add the ring, click to open the Ringtones tab and you should get an alert telling you to “Get ready to install the new ringtones.” 

Now you can download the new music and enjoy the sounds. 

My advice would be to go to your Settings page and make sure “Show ringtones only” is checked. 

Otherwise, you’ll find that your ringtones will appear in the ring list on the Home screen. 

As I said, it’s a free service but it’s worth it.