Cisco has launched the webex 2.0 service on Tuesday, and it’s available to users in all 50 states.

The new service is available in both public and private networks and is meant to help businesses and customers reduce their costs and expand their reach across the globe.

Cisco has said the service can be used to manage large volumes of data in a single place, reduce the time and cost of data transfers and deliver faster, more efficient and secure services to organisations.CISCO said the new service was designed to address the challenges that customers are facing in deploying their networks.

“Cisco’s webex is a solution that can be rolled out across large numbers of Cisco systems, while remaining flexible and affordable to consumers,” said Paul J. Smith, executive vice president and general manager, Cloud Solutions, Cisco.

Ciscom’s webEx 2.1 beta is currently available to download for customers in the US and Europe.

Customers who are in Australia can also download the service as part of the Cisco Australia online service.

Customer support can be found at and the Cisco Customer Portal at www/cisco-service/contact-us.

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