The NHL is getting a new mobile client.

The team is working on a Battlenet client for the app, according to a blog post on the site.

The site does not say when the client will go live, but it’s expected to launch this fall.

The BattleNet app is currently available on iOS and Android devices.

NHL fans who already have the NHL app will have access to the BattleNet, but BattleNet fans who don’t have the app will be able to download it for free.

The NHL says that BattleNet is designed for the NHLPA’s mobile apps, but the Battlenet app is designed to work on all mobile devices, including iPhones, Android and Blackberrys.

NHL players, players’ families, and team staff are eligible for BattleNet.

BattleNet will also be available to NHL players who are not current players.

For fans who want to keep track of their scores and standings with the help of BattleNet’s advanced stats and standings, the Battle Net app will include statistics on goal, shot attempts, blocked shots, shot totals, save percentage, power-play goals, penalty minutes, and game-winning goals.

For a limited time, BattleNet also will include an in-depth stats analysis and analytics feature.

The battle net app is available on both the iPhone and Android platforms., the NHL’s live streaming app, will have a Battle Net client.

Battle Net will be available in the United States beginning with the 2016-17 season.

Battle net app will not be available globally, but will be rolled out over time.