When a Microsoft meeting is called for, the “Welcome Mat” is a helpful applet that shows you where to go to get help if you’re having trouble with a colleague.

It’s designed to make the meeting easier, but some people have been less than pleased with the applet.

The applet was introduced in Windows 7 as a way to make meetings more efficient.

“The Welcome Mat allows you to see the meeting agenda and to manage meetings by viewing the current and scheduled meeting and its participants, and by using the “Add Participants” option,” it says.

The applet has been around for a while, but Microsoft says it’s finally been updated to include the “Windows 7” version of the app.

“It should help a lot of people at meetings,” Microsoft’s Steve Mazzuca said in an interview with the Irish Times.

“We have lots of people with these problems, but we haven’t really seen a lot.”

A number of Microsoft employees have expressed concerns about the app, claiming it’s not very useful and doesn’t have a lot to offer.

“If you’re not sure what to say, the Welcome Mat just makes you feel really stupid,” said one person who has had problems meeting with a team member.

Another person complained that the app is “very, very boring”.

“It’s very boring,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to having a meeting and I’m not having to look up things that I need to know.”

Microsoft says that the welcome mat is a way for you to get an idea of who’s in the room.

But some people are finding it’s very difficult to figure out who’s actually present at a meeting.

One of the people who reported the app’s problems said that the Welcome Pad is “just a way of telling me who’s there.”

Microsoft’s own support page for the app has more information on the app:It’s not clear if Microsoft is fixing the problem or if it’s just an isolated incident.

Microsoft is offering a $50 voucher for the welcome pad if you download the app and pay for it.