The bad-boys king of Portugal has been caught on video taking cash from a corrupt politician.

The Portuguese king, who has been dubbed the “bad king” for his extravagant lifestyle, has been accused of receiving bribes worth billions of euros from the former leader of Portugal’s Socialist party, Antonio Costa.

The latest video from the Portuguese royal palace shows the king’s bodyguards handing over $200,000 ($290,000) to Costa in 2010, the year he left office.

Costa, now a senator in his own right, has denied the allegations.

“There are so many accusations, and it’s not just me,” Costa told Reuters news agency on Wednesday.

“It’s all the same people who made this whole thing happen.”

The video was released on the Portuguese news website

The king’s whereabouts are unknown, but Costa has not been seen since the video was published on Wednesday night.

The palace has denied that Costa received the money and said the allegations were fabricated.

The video shows Costa, who is believed to be the kings youngest son, giving the money to a group of men at a hotel, which Costa has described as his “own personal money machine”.

The group were later seen leaving the hotel, where Costa said they “had a good time”.

“The money I received was to help me run the country,” Costa said in the video.

“It was not for anything in particular, but it was to support my work as a public servant, and I’m glad that I got it,” he added.

Costa was the prime minister from 2010 to 2016.

He is seen in the first part of the video walking through a hotel hallway with a group including his brother and wife.

The first part shows the royal group arriving at the hotel in a black sedan.

It is not clear what they were doing.

In the second part, Costa is seen with a large group of people.

He speaks in Portuguese with a translator, then walks through the hotel lobby, passing a small restaurant and a cafe.

He then turns right and turns left.

At some point, the group is seen walking past a hotel bar, where they can be seen having a drink.

The King of Portugal is seen taking a drink at a bar.

He also is seen on the balcony of a luxury villa overlooking the city of Porto Alegre.

In a separate video posted on social media, Costa can be heard laughing as he talks about the lavish lifestyle.

“We don’t have to live like this, the world is not our oyster,” Costa says.

He said that, despite the claims of corruption, he was happy with his life.

“If I don’t do anything, I don: I’m a rich man.

But what’s more important is to live well and to live happily,” he said.

The footage was shot on Tuesday evening and uploaded to the Portuguese Facebook page Oeireria, but did not have the text, video and image that it was supposed to have.

The comments section for the video has been flooded with comments, mostly praising Costa for his generosity and the king for his efforts.

“This is the best news ever,” one user wrote.

“I want to thank my father, my husband, my brothers and my nephews for making this moment possible,” another wrote.