Facebook is facing an investigation after an ad network accused it of “installing unwanted ads” on its platform.

The news comes just hours after the company was accused of using “inappropriate language” during a Facebook Live Q&A.

In a statement released Tuesday, Facebook said it “is looking into these allegations.”

“As we do with all allegations, we have no way of controlling what others share on Facebook, and we take them seriously,” the company said.

“We’re committed to providing an open platform for all people to express themselves, and have worked closely with law enforcement to ensure that the privacy and safety of our users is not compromised.”

The company also called on Facebook to stop “inappropriately” sharing “inoffensive, non-threatening or offensive content” on the platform.

Facebook also said it would be removing “offensive, derogatory or abusive content” and that it was “working with law enforcements” to remove it.

The company said it was in the process of removing “more than 100” content from its network, and it said it will provide more details about how it was doing that in the coming days.

Earlier Tuesday, the company released a list of banned content on its site that users could report if they did not like it.