In this article we will show you how to make OS X 10.11 Lion (and 10.12.1) run just like Windows XP on Linux.

Mac OS Lion 10.10, Lion 10, and Lion 10 Pro are only compatible with Linux, so you can’t use the Lion 10 or 10 Pro to run Windows 7.

But we’re going to show you the same tricks you would do with any other version of Linux, and that includes installing a custom image and a few other tricks to make Lion run on Windows 7, too.

The trick is to run OS X on Linux using the standard Unix commands.

To do this, we’ll use the following commands: chroot into the /usr/bin/ folder.

sudo chroot -l /usr sudo cp /usr/*/*.bin /usr /usr.bin/ cd /usr cd /var/tmp chmod a+x /usr/.bash_profile chroot /usr In the /etc/init.d/system.d folder, we need to change the boot option to be the Linux version of Boot Camp.

sudo service system restart To make things easier, let’s create a file called config.plist inside /etc to list the options that we want to enable: sudo nano config.plan file1 config.list sudo nano /etc