Fortnites fans, if you’re an avid player of the free-to-play online multiplayer shooter and are having trouble keeping up with the latest updates, then you might want to consider stopping playing the game and checking out Fortnits new release.

The game’s official Twitter account has announced the Fortnit Update, which adds a new mode and new maps, as well as introducing a new level.

This new mode will be called “Battle Arena,” which will feature new gameplay and elements from the new Fortnited expansion, according to the FortNite Twitter account.

Players will need to defeat two players in a 30-player arena before a boss fight can begin.

The Fortnitt update will include new maps and new gameplay, including new weapons and items for both players and monsters, as reported by Eurogamer.

The game will also introduce a new challenge mode, which will be named “Battle Royale.”

Players will have to defeat 10 players in two different modes to reach a boss battle.