By now, the “Star Wars” universe has been rebooted in every way imaginable, from the movies to the merchandising, and now “Star Trek Beyond” is bringing us to an end of it all, and we all have to take a break from it.

And it’s not just the fact that the characters are all dead.

No, that’s a problem.

The world has gone insane.

The stakes have gone up so much.

The characters have become more complicated, less likable.

They’re the only ones who are not, you know, living their lives in the present.

So that means you have to do what you gotta do to keep the show going.

And for many of us who’ve been on “StarWars” since its very beginning, it’s a big deal to finally get to know those characters.

And “StarTrek” fans will be left wondering just what exactly it is that they want from the franchise, and why the show needs to end.

But for many fans, there’s more to this world than just “Star wars” and “Trek.”

We know “Star-Trek Beyond” will be more complicated than its predecessor, “Star.”

The show will take place on a completely different planet, with entirely different cultures, with totally different ways of doing things.

And, of course, it’ll be entirely different from the “original” “Star” trilogy.

This isn’t a one-off movie.

It’s a movie we can all relate to.

That’s why, as a fan of “Star,” I was excited to finally meet the cast of “Treks.”

Here are six things we learned about the film that we didn’t know we wanted to know.


“Star Destroyer” is a whole new ship and universe for “Trekkies” What we didn.t know We had no idea we wanted them to be in “Star War” for “Star Treks” This is the big surprise: The “Trekties” were not just going to die, they were going to go on to be part of the new “Star destroyer” ship.

It is now called the Star Destroyer.

And we’ve never seen it before.

It takes a lot of the Star Wars DNA to make a new, completely new ship that is more technologically advanced than the original one.

But the filmmakers took advantage of the fact there was already a brand-new ship.

“Trecks” used to be used by “Starfleet” in “Galaxy Quest,” the original series, but they didn’t seem to be able to fit it into the timeline.

So, in a way, they took the place of “Galactic” in the timeline, which is good, because it’s kind of a mess.

And that’s what makes it so exciting.

They had to make the whole ship so much more powerful than the “Galactica” and the “The Expanse” of “Discovery.”


We don’t know if “Star Fleet” will end up in “Trekes” This was the most surprising thing I learned about “Startrek.”

The actors are actually actors from the original “Star fleet.”

So, the fans didn’t see them.

The fans didn