By now you know how to download apps from Google play and use Google Play music to listen to music and movies.

But how about a service that lets you stream videos from YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video?

That’s what the new YouTube Premium app from the Google Play store does.

YouTube Premium subscribers get access to YouTube videos from Amazon Prime, Netflix Prime, and Hulu Plus as well as access to exclusive features like unlimited live streams, exclusive ads, and exclusive access to videos hosted on the Google+ and YouTube channels.

But unlike Google Play video, YouTube Premium can also stream video from other services like YouTube Music and YouTube Music Premium.

YouTube is also giving YouTube Premium a few additional features that make it worth subscribing.

The premium service also comes with YouTube’s premium membership, which gives subscribers access to additional features like premium access to ad-free YouTube videos and exclusive YouTube features like music streaming, and access to premium video clips from popular channels like The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, The Daily Bungle, and The Daily Mixtape.

However, for now, YouTube will only be offering YouTube Premium for a limited time.

You’ll need to subscribe to YouTube Premium at the time of purchase.

You can read more about how to sign up for YouTube Premium in the official YouTube blog.