Israel will open a new free library in Jerusalem to allow citizens to access free books, the country’s tourism and cultural minister said on Thursday.

Mikael Aloni said the new library will be opened by next week.

Aloni was speaking at a ceremony marking the start of Israel’s first National Library for Free Books, which will also be open to the public.

The new library is expected to open in late 2018.

Alani was responding to a request by the Jerusalem municipality to create a “public library” in the capital to facilitate people’s access to free books and to facilitate free online courses.

Alona Meretz, the head of the leftist Merets coalition in the Knesset, said the move would benefit the city’s citizens.

“The new building is going to make us more productive and create new jobs,” she said, adding that the project will be a step towards “building the future of the city.”

“The municipality is working towards this project, and I hope that the government will support it,” she added.

In June, the Israeli government launched a nationwide initiative called “Free Books Week” to promote libraries in the country.

The initiative will include a campaign to open free libraries in 50 cities by October.

In total, 50 cities will be open for free reading during the week, including Tel Aviv, Haifa, Tel Aviv University, Jerusalem and Kiryat Arba.