If you’re a regular reader of Computerworld, you probably know that Chrome’s performance is not nearly as great as the other browsers listed.

You can see the chart above to see how your browser stacks up against the other major browsers.

The top line is Chrome’s average performance, while the bottom line is Google’s average score.

Google Chrome has a little more power than the other three browsers, but it’s not as good as Safari.

The two graphs below show that Google Chrome’s score is about 15 percent lower than Firefox’s score, and about 15.5 percent lower, compared to Safari’s score.

The numbers in the charts below are from Google’s own report.

While we don’t have an exact measurement of performance, it seems like Chrome has the edge here.

Google doesn’t offer any tools for measuring the performance of its browsers, so this isn’t a hard and fast answer.

It’s just a guess at what you can expect.

You might think that Google’s Chrome’s speed is better than Firefox, given the lack of a separate browser for this kind of performance comparison.

But the data on this chart shows that Google has a much bigger advantage over Safari.