Geforce Experience (GTX1060) for the PC is available for download today.

It’s a free-to-play title with the same experience that we got with our review unit a few weeks ago.

We can’t say exactly when the PC version will be available but it’s certainly a nice upgrade.

The graphics settings for the game were updated with a “better-looking” version of the graphics hardware in which the PC GTX 1060 can now run on, but the new graphics settings are far from the smoothness and detail of the game we saw at E3 2017.

We ran the game in our usual configuration of ultra settings and saw a performance drop of around 20-30%.

This is in line with what we saw on our GeForce Experience test unit a couple of weeks ago, but still not enough to justify spending a few bucks to get this extra graphical tweak.

The new graphics options include a full 4K resolution at 60fps, a 4K texture resolution at up to 8GB per pixel and a higher-resolution texture at up 30 per cent.

The game supports DirectX 11, but it looks like we’re not seeing a DX11 API for the title yet.

This game has a pretty wide selection of games to choose from.

You can get a look at all the available games in the PC Gefence Experience store at the time of writing.

We’ve already got some reviews for the Geference Experience, but we’re excited to give a full review of the new PC version of this game.

Let us know what you think of the Gephi graphics in the comments below.